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Recommendations of the International Cartilage
Repair Society

Published February 2008

Excerpts from full list of 25 available here

  1. Optimal management of OA requires a combination of non and pharmacological modalities
  1. Patients with symptomatic hip and knee OA may benefit from referral to a physical therapist and instruction in appropriate exercise to reduce pain and improve functional capacity
  1. Patients should be encouraged to undertake regular aerobic, muscular strengthening and range of motion exercise
  1. Patients who are over weight should lose weight and maintain at a lower level
  1. A knee brace can reduce pain
  1. Appropriate footwear ------and insoles can reduce pain and improve ambulation
  1. Thermal (ice and heat) may be effective
  1. Transcutaneous nerve stimulation can help short term  (TNS)
  1. Acupuncture may be of benefit
  1. Acetaminophen can be effective
  1. NSAIDS anti-inflammatory drugs should be used at lowest effective dose
  1. Topical NSAIDS can be effective
  1. Injections of hyaluronate may be useful they have delayed onset (as compared to steroids) but a prolonged duration
  1. Glucosamine and chondroitin may be of benefit but if no response should be discontinued after 6 months 


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